Extra Curricular Activities-:

The school encourages participation in many Interschool activities including literary, Cultural, creative and sports competitions.

Children are trained in extensive scholarship programs sponsored by Akash, Bansal, Narayana tutorials etc. Senior secondary students are awarded scholarship by their tutorials on the basic of tests conducted by them.

VPS students take active part in debates and quiz competitions held at internal and inter-school levels and are successful in winning prizes.


All the students of the school including the teachers are divided into four houses. The houses are named after four mountain ranges of India.


  • The Red House is Himadri



  • The Yellow House is Aravali



  • The Blue House is Nilgiri



  • The Green House is Shivalik


Activity Room

A well-equipped activity room has been build to show for new admission. Various academics and extra-curricular activities are held in this room.